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Beta Testing Info

Post by MrJenteZ on Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:37 pm

Dear players of EnderCraft,

General Information
We have a server for testing upcoming changes to the server. To get acces to beta testing, you simply have to be a donator.
These people will get whitelisted on the beta server and will get a PM in which the server IP will be given. Please do note this is a beta server, it's work in progress!

The purpose of a beta server is to play new content that will soon be released on the live server. That means the beta tester will have acces to new things earlier than normal players. Of course, these things aren't on point and we'd like to hear your feedback and suggestions as they can really help us. Please do report bugs, those are the most important and are primordial to a beta server. You can put all of this in the beta-forum which only beta players will have acces to.

We will notify in this forum when the beta server has gone online and how long it stays online. So keep checking it!

Help! I've got a question!
If you have any questions left, please send a PM to MrJenteZ or Stekelbees.

Good luck,


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