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Server Rules

Post by Stekelbees on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:06 am

Entering the server means you accept to follow the rules listed beneath. Breaking these rules can result in a temporary bans.
Frequently breaking the rules can result in a permanent (IP) ban.

Don’t be disruptive
Basically no spamming, trolling, flaming, inappropriate content for the channel you are in, backseat moderating, racist or discriminatory comments. Disagreements may, and likely will, happen; be mature and discuss it like responsible adults.

Be constructive
Further the conversation and be a part of this community, rather than spreading negativity. Talk about the server, personal interests, your favourite games etc. This is a place for you all to connect and create/nurture friendships. Any deliberately toxic behavour will not be tolerated.

Be respectful
Treat your fellow players with respect. We all come here to have a nice atmosphere, this community is generally VERY friendly and a joke is great but know where to draw the line. If someone asks you to stop do so, you don’t know everyone’s backgrounds and some topics may be a sore point for some – also don’t feel bad about asking someone to stop discussing something that makes you uncomfortable, we don’t want people to feel pushed out of the server. As long as everyone involved is polite and respectful, our happy fuzzy place will stay just that.

Use your minecraft name
Don't forget to use your minecraft username on the forums. Like that, it is easy to identify each other ingame and make new friends! Trolling under a fake name won't work, you can get IP banned on the forums and on the server if you do so!

Don't use your powers for a wrong purpose
Yes, power is great. But it must be used wisely or you could lose it. Be careful.

Try to keep the swears to a minimum
We aren't saying swearing isn't allowed at all.. we all know in fits of excitement or rage people slip out an f bomb or two. But having a curse word repeatedly in all your sentences just isn't a nice thing to see and can put a lot of people off talking. Remember we want everyone to feel welcome and included. Reign in the swears and you'll be more approachable!

Have fun and tell your friends!
The main priority of this server is to have fun! Like it was previously mentioned above, keep this a friendly space and keep the server one aswell! We all like to play on the server, why don't you invite your friends?

Thank you for reading the rules and we'll see you ingame.



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